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Side Effects

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Thoughts on, and a place to discuss, the plot details we can't reveal in our review.

Some big developments here obviously—so big, in fact, that the preview audience was given posted warnings about not giving away an early shock. That early shock, for those who have seen it—and those who haven’t, please use the opportunity afforded by this excessively long spoiler warning to stop reading what I’m writing in this esteemed publication and come back later—is that Mara, in one of her sleep-trances, stabs her husband to death with a kitchen knife. When she finally snaps out of it, she screams and cries and alerts the authorities, having no memory of committing the crime, even though there’s no sign of forced entry and her fingerprints are all over the knife.


The question then becomes: What can we do about this evil stabbing drug on the market? And then, after that, it becomes: So maybe this was all an act and Mara is a greedy, homicidal lesbian right out of a sexy thriller from the ’90s? I thought this twist was far-fetched, but expertly handled, and the scenes that come after Law realizes what Mara has done are even better, because there’s still some scheming left to do on both sides. Curious to know whether you, Internet Commenters, felt likewise. Or were you rolling your eyes?

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