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Signs that Michael Bay is filming in your town

On my way to watch a movie at Chicago's screening room yesterday I spotted this sign, evidence that Transformers 3 filming was still in progress on Michigan Ave.:

When I posted it to my Twitter feed last night, Oklahoma-based film programmer @ian_okc had a brilliant idea of customizing the sign to suit other directors and offered this suggestion: "Filming ahead involving Johnny Depp, shoe-horned goth make up and Danny Elfman score. Do Not Be Alarmed." (Pretty obvious who that one's about, right?)


Others followed:

@BafflingBeerman: "Filming ahead involving a shoehorned cameo and lame twist. Do Not Be Alarmed." (M. Night Shyamalan)

@mm_young: "Filming Ahead Involving Tax Evasion. Do Not be Alarmed." (Uwe Boll)

@leonardpierce: "Filming Involving Wistful Nostalgia, Unfulfilled Sexual Longing, Exquisite Costumes Ahead. Do Not Be Alarmed." (Wong Kar-Wai)


@mattsinger: "Filming Ahead Involving Densely Plotted Narratives, Misdirection, and Dead Wives. Do Not Be Alarmed." (Christopher Nolan)

And so on. It seemed like too much fun to confine to Twitter so, A.V. Club readers, I throw it out to you. Extra points for Photoshopping the original image.


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