The Brit List—England’s version of The Black List, a crowdsourced ranking of the best unproduced screenplays each year—recently honored a script called Man Up, about a woman who pretends to be someone else’s blind date. Clearly, somebody thought it was great, because now we have the trailer for this movie, starring Simon Pegg and Lake Bell. Pegg’s track record on non-Edgar Wright projects is spotty at best, and Lake Bell, while absolutely delightful in most things, including her writer-director debut In A World…, looks like she’s struggling to sell this cheesy premise. It’s entirely possible that the trailer doesn’t due the film justice—maybe it’s more of a Bridget Jones’ Diary than it’s letting on—but for now, we’re not terribly optimistic. Man Up is being released May 29 in the U.K., and there is no scheduled U.S. release date at the moment.