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Slimer and his spectral friends haunt the new Ghostbusters trailer

The first trailer for Paul Feig’s rebooted Ghostbusters drew criticism from many corners of the internet, eventually assuming the ignominious title of “most disliked trailer in YouTube history.” Now a second trailer for the film has dropped, and—perhaps in response to fans freaking out about the last one—has a slightly different focus. In addition to more screen time for Chris Hemsworth’s ditzy male secretary, the trailer emphasizes something we all, hopefully, can agree on: That the ghosts in this new Ghostbusters, including a redesigned Slimer and what appears to be this mysterious fella teased back in February, look pretty cool. Well, except for the practical-effects purists, who will say the miniatures in the first one looked better. You really can’t please everybody.

Whether you like it or not, Ghostbusters is coming to a theater near you on July 15.


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