While much of the attention today has been on Wonder Woman, there’s another female warrior who will be slow-drip filtered through Zack Snyder’s action movie aesthetic even sooner: Eva Green’s Artemisia, the Persian warrior queen at the center of 300: Rise Of An Empire and this just-released trailer. Based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller—as well as actual ancient history lectures you fell asleep during and lapsed into a phantasmagoric, video game-induced nightmare—Rise Of An Empire picks up where 2006’s 300 left off by moving the battle to the sea, where everything’s already sensuously undulating.

As the waves and pectorals roil with sweat and blood, Green trades her super-serious declarations of war with Lena Headey’s Queen Gorgo, Sullivan Stapleton’s Themistokles prepares for revenge by ditching his shirt, and various ships and swords proceed to clash. Snyder actually yielded directing duties to Smart People’s Noam Murro (in one of the weirder career transitions in recent memory), but judging from this, he graciously lent him the use of his slo-mo machine that ensures everything is appropriately epic.