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Someone betrays the family in the first Fate Of The Furious trailer

We just got the full title for the newest Fast & Furious movie on Friday, and now we’re getting the ridiculous, crash-filled trailer for it as well. The sequel is called The Fate Of The Furious, and while this teaser has all of the car stunts and cool one-liners you’ve come to expect out of this series, it also has two unexpected twists. The first comes in the form of a shocking betrayal, with one member of the Fast family double-crossing another and getting him sent to prison. Then, with one of the dudes no longer fighting on the side of the angels—possibly due to some blackmail/brainwashing from Charlize Theron’s high-tech terrorist—the gang has to turn to an old friend for help. Well, he’s not so much of a friend as he is a dangerous villain, but one of the many things this series has proven is that one movie’s villain is its sequel’s hero.

The Fate Of The Furious will be in theaters on April 14.


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