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Sony shows off first trailer for the Ratchet And Clank movie

Back in the day, video games and movies were on such different technological levels that it was nearly impossible to use one to simulate the other. Metal Gear Solid tried to make a movie-like video game and it ended up with hours and hours of exposition intercut with minutes and minutes of gameplay, while Alone In The Dark tried to turn a video game into a movie and it ended up casting Tara Reid as a scientist.


Now, though, with video games reaching previously unimaginable heights of graphical power and movies relying more and more on cheap and dependable computer-generated animation, things are finally on the same level. That’s what makes something like the Ratchet And Clank movie possible. It looks like a really impressive video game and a reasonably competent movie at the same time. Astounding!

This movie will tell an expanded version of the plot of the original Ratchet And Clank video game, with long-eared cat thing Ratchet meeting Clank, his snarky robot pal, for the first time. Meanwhile, forgotten PlayStation mascots Jak And Daxter wonder where their movie is, failing to realize that nobody likes them enough to make one.