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Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Jon Watts directed a horror movie, and here’s the trailer

Director Jon Watts used to be just another guy making thrillers about Kevin Bacon trying to get his stolen police car back from some kids. But last year he got hired to direct Spider-Man: Homecoming, the web-slinger’s first solo entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now his name has a little more cachet, apparently to the extent that Dimension Films has decided to dust off Watts’ horror film Clown, which was made in 2012 and was produced by Eli Roth, but was never actually released. Finally, though, Clown is getting a limited release this summer, and you can see a trailer for it above.


The setup for the film is simple, yet terrifying: A normal guy puts on a weird clown costume in an attempt to save a kid’s birthday party, but he can’t take the costume off when the party’s over. Then it starts to change him, physically turning him into some kind of clown demon. It all looks suitably spooky, especially since Peter Stormare plays the Dr. Loomis role of “guy who warns the protagonist about the scary things that are happening.” Basically, if Peter Stormare is your movie’s voice of reason, you should watch out.

Clown will be in theaters on June 17.

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