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Spoiler Alert: God’s still alive in the new God’s Not Dead 2 trailer

Apparently, God’s Not Dead did not put to rest the exaggerated rumors of God’s demise, so Pure Flix Entertainment is doubling down by releasing a sequel that is unfortunately not titled God’s Still Not Dead.

God’s Not Dead 2—presumably part of the Spotlight Cinematic Universe—features Melissa Joan Hart as junior high school teacher Grace Wesley, who explains a little too much about the word of God in class and ends up embroiled in an epic court case to prove his very existence. This may sound similar to the plot of God’s Not Dead, but this time around audiences will be treated to Ray Wise as an evil ACLU lawyer who’s out to prove that God is dead, once and for all. Also along for the ride is Jesse Metcalfe as the heroic Tom Endler, an attorney fighting for Wesley’s right to say “Jesus.” The film also features Robin Givens, the late Fred Thompson, and Ernie Hudson, who—as has been well documented—if it involves a steady paycheck will believe anything you say.


Whatever your political affiliation, The A.V. Club would like to think that canny viewers will be able to see right through the hokiness of the latest trailer, which plays like a parody of Hollywood previews with its loud booms, lame pop-rock, and an end tag seemingly designed to elicit groans, even from audiences in “the real America.”

Kids nationwide will be bored out of their minds when this is the movie their parents take them to see the weekend of April 1st instead of Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

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