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Spoiler Space: The D Train

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Thoughts on, and a place to discuss, the plot details we can’t reveal in our review.


Yep, they fuck.

Specifically, Oliver fucks Dan, in a scene that’s very brief but still more explicit than anything in Brokeback Mountain (which tells you how far we’ve come in the past decade). To Oliver, who’s bisexual, this is no big deal; to Dan, who’s married (Kathryn Hahn plays his wife), it upends everything he ever understood about himself. He doesn’t suddenly conclude that he’s gay, but he recoils at the idea of having been a meaningless one-night stand for Oliver. And the rest of the movie is primarily about Dan’s efforts to get Oliver to admit that their sexual encounter meant something. Which is a pretty ballsy direction for a Jack Black comedy about an obsessed high-school reunion chairman to take.

There’s a short stretch of the film, right after Dan’s trip to L.A. and the sex scene, but before Oliver arrives for the reunion, when it starts to look as if Dan is panicking because he thinks the reunion will be ruined if the other alumni find out Oliver is gay. (At this point, his bisexuality hasn’t yet been established.) Thankfully, The D Train is not a wacky comedy about Dan trying to hide Oliver’s sexual orientation. But for the five-to-10 minutes that it looks as if it might be headed that way: yikes.