Tapping into conspiracy theories that say Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint once helped Ron Perlman pretend to have Stanley Kubrick fake the moon landing—a staple of a loose collection of kooky beliefs about the shadowy IllumiRonti—we’ve got the trailer for the new period film Moonwalkers, from first-time director Antoine Bardou-Jacquet. And while the movie is being billed as a comedy, the end result looks to be less “ha ha” funny, and more, “Jesus Christ, Ron Perlman just wore a flowery hippie blouse” funny, making this one of the most aggressively “late ’60s-ish” things we’ve ever seen.

Perlman stars as a CIA agent, tapped by the U.S. government to fake a backup moon landing in case the Russians beat the Americans to the punch and make them all look like “dicks.” He ends up recruiting Grint’s washed-out rock manager to get to Kubrick, and then starts dropping some of those signature Ron Perlman glowers when Grint’s character can’t deliver the director of A Clockwork Orange. Things escalate from there, complete with effete, Andy Warhol-esque artists, shovel fights, and Perlman’s character taking an acid trip. And if it all feels a little too aggressively wacky and self-consciously gritty, we can at least hold out hope that it’ll open the door for Emma Watson or Daniel Radcliffe to make that Chemtrails-9/11-Bilderberg Group movie the world’s been waiting for.