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Steve Trevor is full of snarky comments in this new Wonder Woman teaser

One of the reliable strengths of the Marvel movies is the way they introduce characters who can undercut some of the more absurd or overblown comic book-y stuff with a funny little comment or reaction. Robert Downey Jr. himself does it in the Iron Man movies, Kat Dennings did it in the first two Thor movies, Scarlett Johansson and Anthony Mackie do it in the Captain America movies, and pretty much everybody does it in Guardians Of The Galaxy. It’s a way to let the audience know that the movie doesn’t take itself too seriously without breaking the fourth wall or betraying the story and characters.

Unfortunately, the movies in the DC universe have been largely unable to lighten the mood in a similarly easy fashion, but this new Wonder Woman teaser makes it look like that might change soon. In this short clip, Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor constantly makes little comments in response to the cool things Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman does or says, and it suggests that the movie is going to be significantly more fun than anything else DC’s current movie universe has produced.


Wonder Woman was directed by Patty Jenkins, and it will be in theaters on June 2.

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