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Strum along with the first teaser for Pixar’s Coco

The first teaser for the upcoming Coco starts out on a small scale: A boy strums a guitar while watching footage of a star of yesteryear. But, as is the norm for Pixar, what seems like an intimate tale soon goes grand. By the time the hero—a Mexican boy named Miguel (Anthony Gonzalez)—is transported to the Land of the Dead, it’s clear a sweeping journey is in store. (Though, yes, by riffing on Dia de Muertos, Coco does appear to have some surface similarities with the Guillermo Del Toro animated project The Book Of Life.)

Of the 2017 Pixar releases—the other being Cars 3—this is certainly the more intriguing offering, a return to original concepts after a year that brought us Finding Dory. It also shows the studio attempting to diversify its storytelling given how its prior human heroes have almost exclusively been white. Coco is due in theaters November 22.


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