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Supersonic, a new Oasis doc from the producers of Amy, comes to the U.S.

As far as ‘90s bands go, Oasis was pretty good. Despite what Noel and Liam Gallagher might tell you, they were not the second and third coming of Christ, but they did pump out some really catchy songs. The two brothers from Manchester had a knack for filleting their favorite Beatles tunes and repurposing the parts they liked for their own radio hits. However, as spectacles go, Oasis was phenomenal. Noel and Liam were like baking soda and vinegar, but if those two ingredients were forced to walk onto stages and in front of TV cameras together every day and pretend like they weren’t constantly on the verge of a violent chemical reaction. And when they weren’t fighting with each other, they were fighting with the rest of the world. It was a wonder to behold.


The new documentary Oasis: Supersonic looks like it’s trying to capture that explosive aspect of the band’s charm. Coming from the production team behind last year’s Amy Winehouse documentary Amy, and Mat Whitecross—director of the 2010 biography of Ian Dury, Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll—this has the potential to be genuinely fascinating.

Oasis: Supersonic will he shown in U.S. theaters for one night only on October 26.