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Swiss Army Man red-band trailer: Now with 100 percent more boners

Although the previous trailer for Swiss Army Man, a.k.a. “Daniel Radcliffe’s farty boner corpse movie,” didn’t feature any boners and frankly was a little lacking in the farting department as well, the new red-band trailer makes up for this with more gas-powered antics, deep conversations about breaking wind, and at least two key moments where Radcliffe’s boner signals the path to providence.


Swiss Army Man is the story of a bearded castaway (Paul Dano) surviving on a seemingly deserted island by using an occasionally animate corpse (Daniel Radcliff) to get out of trouble. When the corpse comes to life, he usually offers some keen insight into Dano’s life. Or he farts. Or he gets a boner. It’s not the most robust movie premise, but The A.V. Club’s A.A. Dowd says the film is worth a look. And even if every critic hated it, wouldn’t you still want to know how Radcliffe’s fire-fueling farts save the pair from a bear attack?

Swiss Army Man refuses to hold it in beginning June 24.

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