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Tales Of Halloween hopes to hit that Trick ’R Treat horror-anthology sweet spot

It’s been a few months, which means it’s time for another horror anthology film hoping to land in that magic middle ground between the exhausting ADD of The ABCs of Death and the run-it-into-the-ground of VHS: Viral. In short, to be something akin to the solid fun/spooky ratio of Trick ’R Treat, which—along with the earlier V/H/S installments—remains one of the high-water marks for contemporary horror anthologies. These things are always a mixed bag (some good, some bad, some laughable), but as long as you’re batting .500, you’re doing okay. This time out, the unifying conceit couldn’t be simpler: it involves a small town where shit always gets crazy on October 31.

The real allure here is both the actors and directorial pedigree. Tales Of Halloween has lined up some real heavy hitters, so quality control was hopefully a consideration. Neil Marshall (The Descent, your favorite Game Of Thrones episodes) turns in a segment, as do Lucky McKee (The Woman), Darren Lynn Bousman (multiple Saw films, Mother’s Day), and more. And in front of the camera, you’ll see Pat Healy, Lin Shaye, Adrienne Barbeau, James Duval, and a host of other great people. We’re optimistic about this one, is the gist. It comes out October 16, and if it’s good, will play at kids’ sleepovers in perpetuity.

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