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Tall, dark, and handsome suspects abound in new Girl On The Train trailer

The first trailer for Tate Taylor’s The Girl On The Train glossed over the benders that make Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt) an unreliable narrator and/or eyewitness, but the latest promo sees her confront her addiction issues while professing her innocence. The divorced voyeur has spent months projecting fantasies onto a couple she sees from her commuter train, only to learn that she has direct ties to them in real life. The beautiful young woman, Megan Hipwell (Haley Bennett), is nanny to Rachel’s ex-husband Tom’s (Justin Theroux) child with his new wife Anna (Rebecca Ferguson).

After Megan goes missing, there’s a bevy of tall, dark, and handsome suspects for Officer Riley (Allison Janney) to run down. Aside from Tom, there’s also Megan’s husband Scott (Luke Evans) and her hunky therapist played by Édgar Ramírez. There might be infidelity, though Rachel can’t be sure which fair-haired woman she saw with which dark-haired guy standing under a bridge. But it looks like Officer Riley has suspicions about Rachel, who can’t account for her own whereabouts on the day (or is it night?) that Megan disappeared.

Adapted from Paula Hawkins’ novel of the same name, The Girl On The Train pulls into theaters on October 7.


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