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Tease yourself with a clip from the new Burlesque documentary, Heart Of The Glitter Tribe

Burlesque has exploded as an art form in recent years, with performers of all ages, creeds, and styles coming together to celebrate the ridiculous splendor and skill of hopping up on stage and baring it all (or most) as a larger-than-life character. As with any nascent movement, there have been questionable efforts in the past to try to capture what makes burlesque so fun—looking at you, Cher and Christina Aguilera—but fans of the tease are in luck, with a new documentary here to serve as an easy entry point for its gaudy, fantastical world.


Titled Burlesque: Heart Of The Glitter Tribe, and directed by Jon Manning, the doc hopes to explore every aspect of the burlesque world; not just sexuality, but playfulness, goofiness, and artistry as well. We’ve got a clip from the film for you, viewable above, discussing the intersections between the craft and burlesque movements. Meanwhile, the full version of the film is available on Netflix right now.

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