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Teaser for Inferno, the next Da Vinci Code sequel, poses an impossible question

It’s been over a year since renowned symbology professor Robert Langdon—the world’s leading expert in mysterious symbols and ancient conspiracies—discovered that the latest Da Vinci Code sequel was supposed to open against Star Wars: The Force Awakens, prompting the studio to delay it all the way to October of 2016. Now that The Force Awakens has faded into the past just like all those mysterious symbols and ancient conspiracies, though, the world is finally ready for Tom Hanks’ Langdon to emerge from a secret crypt beneath the Vatican and go on another Ron Howard-directed adventure. Sadly, this trailer for Inferno—based on the book of the same name by Dan Brown—doesn’t feature very much of renowned symbology professor Robert Langdon, but it does pose an interesting ethical question. Presumably, that very question will drive the plot of Inferno, but, for now, the teaser just wants you to tweet about it and stuff. If you choose to do that, use as many emojis as possible so renowned symbology professor Robert Langdon has something to interpret.


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