Within the deep roster of characters Nick Kroll has developed, there’s probably not a single one you’d be able to stand for longer than two minutes. The League’s Rodney Ruxin is a selfish, asshole lawyer, Parks And Rec’s “The Douche” is, as his name suggests, an obnoxious douche, and his Kroll Show personas are all aggressively stupid, annoying, or bland. And while his characters all demonstrate Kroll’s mastery of comedy, he’s yet to go in anything resembling a serious direction. However, that trend appears to finally be changing with Adult Beginners, a film executive produced by the famous mumbly, adult children known as the brothers Duplass.

Entertainment Weekly has debuted the first trailer for the movie, which centers on Kroll’s Jake, a failed entrepreneur who leaves Manhattan to move in with his sister (Rose Byrne), her husband (Bobby Cannavale), and their 3-year-old son. In classic indie fashion, Jake is a self-centered, unsatisfied person who’s trying to find himself, which automatically makes him someone you’d like to reach out and hug.


As Jake assumes a nanny role for his nephew, his equally unsatisfied sister becomes a little overwhelmed by his continued presence, and the two begin asking existential questions of each other and themselves. Yes, this does sound like The Skeleton Twins. No, we’re pretty sure Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader aren’t in it. Bobby Moynihan makes an appearance in the trailer though, as do Joel McHale and Jason Mantzoukas. Directed by Ross Katz and written by Jeff Cox and Liz Flahive, Adult Beginners screens next week at SXSW and hits theaters April 24.