“Every day I wake up knowing that the more people I try to save, the more enemies I will make,” Peter Parker says, in one of the approximately 15 tagline-ready philosophical musings on the nature of heroism in this trailer. And since he’s tried to save a whole lot of people, he’s obviously made a whole lot of enemies: Jamie Foxx as the angry, glowing cold compress Electro. Paul Giamatti as the armor-and-even-scarier-tracksuit-wearing the Rhino. Dane DeHaan as evil emo genius Harry Osborn—and quite possibly, the Green Goblin, given how sickly Chris Cooper’s Norman Osborn looks here. There’s Oscorp itself, whose ominous building hides untold dark secrets, and may well come to life and start trying to kill Spider-Man, given that he seems to spend this entire trailer ricocheting from one supervillain to the next. And all of these lead to Spider-Man’s greatest enemy, overscheduling, which leaves him with barely enough time to flirt with Emma Stone or talk family business with Sally Field. Hopefully he doesn’t actually save any more people in this movie, which should cut down on his enemy growth rate significantly.