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The Andron trailer is a maze of derivative sci-fi ideas

Acting as an amalgam of The Hunger Games and Cube—although seemingly without the gravitas or intrigue necessary to sell those respective concepts—Andron tells the story of a group of people who, in the year 2154, awaken in a dark maze without any memory of how they got there. As they begin to decipher clues and find their way through the labyrinth, they realize that they’re part of some demented reality show and members of the outside world are making wagers on their fates.

The film stars Michelle Ryan (from NBC’s short-lived Bionic Woman reboot) as one of the captives, along with Alec Baldwin as a scheming game-maker type and Danny Glover as a worrywart who thinks that killing people for entertainment just might have political ramifications in this post-apocalyptic corporate metropolis. Despite Baldwin and Glover classing up the joint, the trailer boasts the production values of a made-for-TV movie, and the stale conceits don’t help matters. Still, if you love maze movies and are sick of watching Hellraiser 2 over and over, this could be your nirvana. Andron opens June 3.


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