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In the trailer for The Bad Batch, we see Keanu Reeves playing a mustachioed cult leader with a band of machine gun-toting young women, and a shirtless Jason Momoa wandering the desert in white pants and a cleaver holster, but this isn’t just some weird music video. It’s Ana Lily Amirpour’s follow-up to her debut film, A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night. The A.V. Club previewed The Bad Batch at Fantastic Fest last year, where we learned that what it has in star power, it lacks in cohesive story. In addition to Reeves and Momoa’s Jim Jones- and sensitive cannibal-types (respectively), The Bad Batch also stars newcomer Suki Waterhouse as a young woman finding her way in the lawless land that’s only Texas-adjacent, and Jim Carrey as a sun-ravaged traveler. And that’s Sneaky Pete himself, Giovanni Ribisi, popping up for good measure. Cool, but what’s up with those “The dream is inside of me” T-shirts?

You can join up with Reeves’ marauders when The Bad Batch hits theaters June 23.


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