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The BFG commits to vegetarianism in a new trailer

Where the teaser and first full trailer for Steven Spielberg’s The BFG both spent a lot of time on the titular character snatching young orphan Sophie from her bed, the newest preview drops viewers right into Giant Country. Listing off the names of his carnivorous contemporaries—names like “Childchewer,” “Meatdripper,” and Gizzardgulper”—The BFG proves his vegetarianism to Sophie by cleaving into a massive snozzcumber. A slice of it then falls to the table with a loud slurp, a moment fans of the book and fans of unappealing food will surely appreciate.

The rest of the trailer provides a generous helping of new footage, featuring Mark Rylance’s “runt” CGI giant leaping around the countryside, getting picked on by Jemaine Clement’s Fleshlumpeater, and forming a soft spot for Sophie. She responds by hinting at a plan to stop the meat-eating giants once and for all, and mercifully shortening “Big Friendly Giant” to “BFG.” There’s also a peek at The BFG’s job catching firefly-like dreams in the wild. The A.V. Club’s Mike D’Angelo saw The BFG at Cannes, where he said that, although the film is an impressive technical achievement, “The more it insists on the importance of magic and dreams … the less magical and dreamlike it seems.”

The BFG floats dreamily into theaters July 1.

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