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The Boss Baby wages war against puppies in new trailer

The new trailer for The Boss Baby draws the battle lines in a war between cute. Apparently, in this animated flick from DreamWorks puppies—adorable, sweet puppies—are the “mortal enemies” of babies. That’s at least what Alec Baldwin’s titular character explains to some other, less erudite tots. The mini-tycoon works at something known as Baby Corp, and he’s on a quest to find out why there isn’t “enough love to go around.” If that sounds like mumbo jumbo, know that most of this movie seems to consist of visual gags relating to infants in suits. And, lest you think the grownups involved in making this did not take the opportunity to make a reference to Baldwin’s famous speech in Glengarry Glen Ross, let the trailer dissuade you from that fear. The Boss Baby crawls into theaters March 31.


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