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The Carnage Park trailer promises ’70s-style mayhem under the hot desert sun

One of the fun things about being a movie fan is watching artists you like grow and develop, from rough-around-the-edges upstarts into accomplished filmmakers. For this writer, one of those artists has been genre director Mickey Keating, whose last film, the paranoid Repulsion tribute Darling, opened in theaters and on VOD earlier this year. The prolific Keating already has another movie on its way into theaters, Carnage Park, which debuted at this year’s Sundance Film Festival; the film stars Ashley Bell as a woman taken hostage by two bank robbers and a practically unrecognizable Pat Healy as the ex-military sniper whose arrival only compounds Bell’s problems.


The initial trailer for the film plays up the film’s Tarantino-style ’70s grindhouse throwback aesthetic, promising stylized mayhem and lots of bloodshed under the hot desert sun. Carnage Park opens in theaters and on VOD July 1.

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