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It’s never a bad time to dive back into the Queen discography. Perhaps no one knows that better than the cast of Bohemian Rhapsody, the long-awaited Freddie Mercury biopic that traces the early days of his career, from the formation of Queen to its Live Aid performance at Wembley in 1985. In honor of the new film, we sat down with cast members Rami Malek, Gwilym Lee, Lucy Boynton, and Joseph Mazzello to talk about their favorite tracks from Queen’s hefty discography. We also talked to the cast about the pressures of playing Queen, which you can see here.

Joseph Mazzello

Even though “Bohemian Rhapsody” is such a masterpiece, I feel like “Somebody to Love” is a little more accessible.


Lucy Boynton

“I love the song “Save Me” cause it’s really powerful, with it’s intimate lyrics but also with that full Mercury voice.”

Rami Malek

I do love [“I Want To Break Free”] and I love the music video. I really do.

Gwilym Lee

“To give you an alternative [to “Somebody to Love”] I’m gonna say “Doing All Right,” which is a really early song. You hear them as a young band, just wide eyed and discovering their potential.”


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