Over the years, many, many direct-to-video features have featured Playboy Playmates. Filmmakers such as Andy Sidaris have even based their cinematic style on the magazine's centerfolds. After all, to those who watch a lot of straight-to-video softcore, the presence of Playmates is a guarantee that the abundant flesh on display will not be of the acne-ridden, stretch-marked variety. The Chosen One: Legend Of The Raven boasts not only performances by Playboy regulars Carmen Electra and Shauna Sand Lamas, but also the creative genius of co-producer/co-editor India Rose, who in a different, less artistically fulfilling life was Playboy Playmate India Allen. As its title would suggest, The Chosen One: Legend Of The Raven is a cheap Crow rip-off, featuring one-time Prince protégé Electra as a Native American sexpot who metamorphoses into the title character following the death of her sister. The film is a slapdash, poorly made piece of exploitation featuring loads of creepy juxtapositions of sex and violence, but very little in the way of action or suspense. While it might have worked as a silly, low-brow action-hero spoof, the filmmakers inexplicably chose to play it straight, quashing any of the humor inherent to a film about a tribe of large-breasted Native American women and their crusade against evil in the hick towns of the South. About the only interesting thing about The Chosen One: Legend Of The Raven is its closing credits, during which the producers thank, among others, Hugh Hefner, O.J. Simpson, Drew Carey, and God. Could the monotheistic Lord worshipped by all major Western religions have had some sort pivotal role in the creation of The Chosen One: Legend Of The Raven? If so, the theological implications are staggering. For those not concerned with the possible participation of the Lord in Carmen Electra vehicles, however, this is pretty worthless.