The Crow is back, still looking like a refugee from a 1987 Depeche Mode concert, if slightly less like Bruce Lee's only begotten son. City Of Angels is less a sequel than a remake of the original, with another poor soul being tossed off a dock before coming back from the dead, donning leather and face paint, and kicking some criminal ass. Also back is the fashionably nihilist atmosphere that made the first movie such a hit with the gloom-and-doom youth crowd. What fans of that film, and the inevitable fans of this one, fail to notice is that beneath the music-video trappings are Death Wish parts seven and eight. One bright spot, relatively speaking, is Iggy Pop's appearance as one of the thugs. He also has the movie's best line: "Fuck you… bird… dick!" Note: Brandon Lee does not appear in this sequel, because he is dead.