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The Daddy’s Home 2 trailer promises even more bad daddies

Someone notify Sofia Coppola: Paramount has released its first trailer for Daddy’s Home 2: Twice The Daddys. And while we technically made that subtitle up, it is a pretty apt summation of the movie, which sees freshly forged partners in dad-hood Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell forced to contend with their own fathers, glowering gargoyle Mel Gibson and touchy-feely sweater-wearer John Lithgow, for a Christmastime visit.

The trailer appears to promise the same basic Ferrell-Wahlberg chemistry that propped up The Other Guys and the original Daddy’s Home, even if it’s kind of unsettling to see Gibson’s gruff assholery played off as cool or sexy in 2017. The film is scheduled for a November release, so Daddy-lovers everywhere should probably keep their Thanksgiving schedules clear.


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