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The Death Wish trailer proves that yes, someone thought this was a good idea

The Death Wish remake moves the vigilante action from New York to Chicago, in what we hope is just a nod to the ending of the first film, and not some Trump fan service. But as we see in this first trailer, many of the original franchise’s markers remain otherwise in place—Paul Kersey’s (Bruce Willis) wife and daughter are once again attacked in their home, which is what sends him out onto the streets to find justice. While he’s out there, he tries to take out every other criminal, including a drug dealer called the “Ice Cream Man.” Another change we noted is that Paul is now an ER doctor, not an architect, so there will presumably be meditation on how he was inured to violence until it was in his suburban backyard or something. Otherwise, it’s just Bruce Willis doing his Bruce Willis thing, fueled by Eli Roth’s direction.

Death Wish will be in your sights November 22.


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