The dangerous part about being very good at something, like say dancing and hanging out, is that if you get too good, God will strike you with a terminal illness. God: He's vengeful like that.

But if you think God is bad, wait till you see the Devil. He doesn't take too kindly to people being good at dancing and hanging out while battling a terminal illness.Turns out, that kind of thing makes the devil angrier than running out of the expensive mink oil he uses to maintain his long black leather duster. At least, that seems to be the message behind the upcoming inspirational film (4 out of 5 doves!) C Me Dance, aka, 2 Nite We Dance N Hell:

(Via Videogum)

Fireproof was great, but its lessons (Marriage is like a terrible fire, Kill your computer because it harbors all the porn) were more applicable to adults. With C Me Dance, finally we have a Christian movie for teens—one that isn't afraid to give teens some practical faith and life lessons like: If God chooses you to have a terminal illness and awesome ballet skillz, don't back down when the devil challenges you to a dance-off for your soul.


But C Me Dance isn't just Save The Last Dance - Romance + The Devil. According to the website, lot of thought went into its premise and marketing:

Marketing Note: This movie is a chick flick with a manifested menacing devil. This will attract a wide demo of men and women. 


A chick flick and a menacing devil plus text abbreviations? U hav thought o evrythng.