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The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby trailer tells the same story two ways

The trailer for The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby previews just a third of Ned Benson’s ambitious directorial debut. The project actually encompasses three separate films, each of which has its own subtitle. Her is told from the perspective of the female lead (Jessica Chastain); Him is told from the perspective of the male lead (James McAvoy); and Them interweaves both perspectives into a more conventional narrative. In all three versions, McAvoy and Chastain play a married couple whose relationship falls apart after a tragedy. The newly released trailer for Them shows how Benson’s approach provides slightly different impressions of the same moment in time. According to Benson, the combined version was a suggestion (rather than a requirement) of notoriously demanding producer Harvey Weinstein. Them will premiere in the U.S. September 26, with the two individual versions arriving in limited release six weeks later.


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