In a film full of memorable scares, The Conjuring’s most notable gimmick is Annabelle, the diabolical Raggedy Ann doll director James Wan transformed into an archetypal creepy, antique plaything for the movie. She’s so notable, in fact, that Annabelle now has her own movie, the appropriately (if not creatively) titled Annabelle, due in theaters October 3.

Details on the plot of Annabelle have been sparse so far, but the trailer is your typical “boy meets girl, boy buys girl terrifying Victorian doll to decorate their unborn child’s bedroom, neighbors stab boy and girl to death in a malevolent frenzy, neighbor bleeds on doll” story. It’s not clear where, exactly, the movie will go once the doll’s demonic origins have been established, but with The Conjuring cinematographer John R. Leonetti at the helm, at the very least Annabelle is going to look good.