It's been at least 10 years since the popularity of late-night-talk-show and cable fixture Super Dave Osborne (comedian Bob Einstein) was at its peak, and even longer since the character seemed relevant. So why make a feature film now? That question is left unanswered by The Extreme Adventures Of Super Dave, an appalling attempt to bring Einstein's disaster-prone daredevil stuntman to the big screen—or at least your local video store. The film opens with Einstein preparing for a typically absurd stunt to be performed on the eve of the year 2000. When the performance predictably goes awry, Einstein decides to retire with dignity, only to face the machinations of an evil promoter (Dan Hedaya) and a series of financial problems that force Einstein to close the Super Dave Stunt Academy and fire his faithful staff, including cheerfully stereotypical Japanese engineer Fuji. In small, talk-show-segment-sized doses, Einstein's deadpan-daredevil shtick can be amusing; stretched out over 90 minutes, it's bafflingly dull. If you enjoy the first shot-from-a-distance injury scene accompanied by panicked, overdubbed comments from Einstein, the next 15 such scenes may tickle your funny bone. If not, you're in serious trouble: Aside from amusing moments from Meet The Deedles' Steve Van Wormer as the turncoat Super Dave Jr. and a fart gag that makes American Pie look like a model of restraint, Einstein's poorly choreographed accidents are the whole show. This is one for those who have waited more than a decade for a Super Dave movie, and absolutely no one else.