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The Family Fang trailer turns family dysfunction into performance art

A trailer for the new Jason Bateman movie is out. No, not the one about an office Christmas party. It’s not the Watergate drama either. (How many movies is Bateman going to be in this year, anyway?) The trailer released today is for The Family Fang, directed by and starring Bateman. It’s a follow-up to his directorial debut Bad Words, and it premiered last year at the Toronto International Film Festival.


Based on a novel of the same name by Kevin Wilson, The Family Fang stars Bateman and Nicole Kidman as Baxter and Annie Fang, the children of famous parents (played by Christopher Walken and Maryann Plunkett). The elder Fangs used Baxter and Annie in their elaborate performance art pieces in the 1970s when they were only children, and returning home stirs up memories of those years for Baxter and Annie, who both seem a little messed up from their parents’ bizarre antics. (Nobody wants performance artists for parents.) When their parents go missing, leaving behind what looks very much like a crime scene, Baxter and Annie are convinced it’s just another performance and desperate cry for attention, but they still set out to find them.

Co-starring Kathryn Hahn and Jason Butler Harner as younger versions of the Fang parents, The Family Fang opens in theaters nationwide and on demand on May 6.

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