Okay, so Fifty Shades Darker isn’t due in theaters for almost two years, doesn’t have a director yet, and just hired its writer. Even the participation of its stars is up in the air as they reportedly negotiate for higher salaries. But none of that is necessary to film Jamie Dornan putting on a suit, which is pretty much all that happens in a new teaser for the inevitable sequel made for the Blu-ray release of Fifty Shades Of Grey.

Demonstrating the sharp sartorial sense and unfocused gaze that makes him so irresistible to women, Dornan puts on a black suit jacket, followed by one of those black masquerade masks like people wear at Mardi Gras and at orgies in movies. Save for some sexy exhaling, that’s it. Fifty Shades Darker has been described as more of a “thriller” than its predecessor—not to mention that single-note piano in the teaser—so we’re guessing orgy (those are pretty thrilling, right?). Although Anastasia Steele’s inner goddess getting tanked on hurricanes and flashing people in the street would probably be more entertaining.


Fifty Shades Darker will laissez les bons temps rouler on February 10, 2017.