Look, let’s be clear: We’re rooting for the upcoming Fantastic Four film. It’d be great if it turns out all that skepticism was unfounded, and Chronicle director Josh Trank turned in a terrific superhero film. (Or, rather, another terrific superhero film, since that’s what Chronicle is.) If nothing else, it would be a nice rejoinder to all those super-fun comments about the Human Torch’s race. It’s just that this final trailer in advance of the film’s upcoming release isn’t all that different in tone or style from the first trailer we got back in January. We’re still mining that “dark ‘n’ gritty” vein, apparently until all the darkness and grittiness has been extracted, and nothing is left except for two hours of celluloid, bereft of even its gloom, a blank void upon the silver screen, staring back at you as you stare at it.

On a more positive note, we get a better glimpse of Doctor Doom here, so that’s something. Also Michael B. Jordan’s youngest Storm gets to make a statement that vaguely resembles a joke—maybe there’s even some actual smiling at some point in this film? August 7 will finally reveal the truth.