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We recently reported that Amy Winehouse’s family was less than thrilled with the new documentary about her, despite some incredibly strong reviews. It seems the family didn’t care for how Asif Kapadia’s film portrayed them as people who may not have always done right by their famous relative—which, given that Winehouse’s own father sold a reality TV show about her, doesn’t feel like that much of a reach.

This first full-length trailer for the upcoming Amy promises a deeply felt behind-the-scenes look at the charismatic and powerful vocalist, tracking her rise to public attention while still a teenager, up until her death from alcohol poisoning at 27. Like the recent Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck, the movie looks to go into not just Winehouse’s life, but how the forces and people around the “Rehab” singer affected her, for good or ill. The film opens in select theaters on July 3 before opening wide on July 10, so audiences will soon get a chance to decide for themselves if Mitch Winehouse is getting a bad rap as an opportunist. (Spoiler alert: probably not.)


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