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The first real Hateful Eight trailer has arrived

After what feels like years of anticipation—because this thing has been years in the making—the Weinstein Co. has finally released the first real trailer for Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight. While earlier trailers featured little more than the names of the eponymous eight, this one shows off not only the “crazy beautiful” snowy Western landscapes that impressed viewers at Comic-Con last month, but also some of that signature quippy dialogue that has inspired a legion of Tarantino imitators. The actors, most of whom are returning Tarantino players, seem to be playing to their strengths: Samuel L. Jackson is talking tough, Tim Roth is charming and unhinged, Michael Madsen is a snake in the grass, Jennifer Jason Leigh indulges in some rather literal gallows humor, and Walton Goggins is having a rip-roarin’, pistol-shootin’ good time. But the real stars of the trailer are Kurt Russell’s Grizzly Adams mutton chops, which are absolutely glorious.


The Hateful Eight debuts in 70mm on December 25, with a digital wide release two weeks later on January 8.

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