Because one nostalgic, self-aware movie reboot of a classic television property isn’t enough for 2017, here’s the trailer for CHiPs. Dax Shepard wrote and directed this take on the ’70s show, and assumes on the role of Jon Baker, originated by Liz Lemon crush Larry Wilcox. Shepard constructed a modern, explosion-heavy spin on the buddy narrative—because what else are you supposed to do these days?—in which Michael Peña’s Frank Poncherello is actually an FBI agent working undercover to investigate crooked highway patrol officers. Really, however, Poncherello’s defining characteristic here seems to be a fear of coming into contact with Baker’s dick. Anyway, Shepard’s wife Kristen Bell is also on this ride, as are Maya Rudolph and Vincent D’Onofrio, the latter of whom we’re going to guess is playing a bad guy. CHiPs motors into theaters March 24.