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Director Zhang Yimou has never shied away from using bold, shocking displays of color to make a point: his 2002 action epic Hero, for example, literally codes the different viewpoints of its Rashomon-style tale with bright, distinct hues. The early teasers for his upcoming international action movie The Great Wall downplayed those elements, though, choosing to emphasize the gritty greys and browns that seem to surround star Matt Damon everywhere he goes.


Today’s new trailer lets a little more brightness leak in, though, showing off a few vibrant splashes of the movie’s light. Released at today’s New York Comic Con panel—where Damon discussed Zhang’s method of assigning a specific tone to each division of the defending army, and the way he “spent a really long time specifically figuring out exactly the right hue for each color”—the trailer gives a wider look at the film’s vibrant palette. Bright purple armor, swirling hordes of green monsters, and the blue-tinged warriors of the Chinese army’s skydiving Crane Corps are all on display, amidst some fancy bow-work from Damon and a “better you than me” performance from co-star Pedro Pascal.

The Great Wall smashes its way into U.S. theaters on February 17, 2017.

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