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Thoughts on, and a place to discuss, the plot details we can't reveal in our review.

There are a handful of bothersome things about The Host’s plot, but the most grating one is the protagonist’s initial insistence that no one know she’s still alive inside Ronan. The reason is a tossed-off, “They wouldn’t believe you,” but given that the survivors think the Soul has murdered Ronan, and want to murder her (and won’t stop slapping the ever-living hell out of her), how could telling the truth possibly worsen the situation? Especially when Hurt openly indicates that he believes his niece is alive, and seeks a reassurance that the Soul refuses to give him? Withholding that information is meant to drum up some extra secrecy and interpersonal drama, but having the Soul actually tell people the truth and not being believed would have been so much more dramatic, wouldn’t have altered the plot’s progression, and wouldn’t have required quite so much flawed logic.

Also bothersome: The end-film revelation that Souls will come out of human bodies if you just coax them out with that hoariest of Fifth Elements, love. Even if that Soul hates everyone around it and wants them dead, apparently, it still has no defenses against cupped hands and gentleness.

And finally, the big revelation that Souls can be removed and shipped back to Planet X is a bit lacking, since the human resistance needs an individual mini-spaceship for every single Soul they remove. Where are they getting their spaceship supplies? Possibly at Store, which seems to carry just about everything else, with amusingly generic Repo Man labels. Maybe we just never see Ronan hit the spaceship aisle.

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