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The IMAX trailer for The Walk oddly includes more dialogue scenes

The new IMAX trailer for The Walk is basically a collage of all the trailers we’ve seen so far that emphasizes how batshit crazy and terrifying it would be to even stand near the edge of a World Trade Tower, let alone walk between the towers on a tightrope. All of this is accomplished with digital effects and a seemingly omniscient floating camera fond of making viewers dizzy, but not so dizzy that they won’t shell out to see the film in theaters.

Curiously, the only new footage in the nearly five-minute IMAX trailer seems to be two dialogue scenes—one of Joseph Gordon Levitt (Philippe Petit) explaining to his lover (Charlotte Le Bon) his dream of walking between the towers, and other of Ben Kingsley trying to convince the daredevil to wear a safety harness while performing the stunt. It makes sense that director Robert Zemeckis wants to save most of the actual walk for the movie, but those watching this trailer to see new belly-tickling sights will be disappointed.

The Walk hits IMAX 3D on September 30, and opens in standard theaters on October 9.

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