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The Japanese Force Awakens trailer appears online with a bunch of new footage

Director J.J. Abrams said upon the premiere of the third Force Awakens trailer that there would not be another one. What he said can be assumed to be true, from a certain point of view—which basically means a lie in the Star Wars universe—as a new international trailer unceremoniously appeared on Disney’s Japanese Star Wars YouTube page this morning. The best part is, Star Wars fanatics didn’t have to sit through half of a football game to get to it.


There’s quite a bit new footage in the new preview: Kylo Ren menacing Rey with his ragged lightsaber, Chewbacca blowing some stuff up real good, and a shot of TIE Fighters at dusk (or maybe dawn) that looks like it’s cribbed right out of Top Gun. C-3PO makes an appearance, and, this being Star Wars, there is talk of family and destiny. For all the new footage, however, the plot of the movie still remains tucked away neatly in Abrams’ mystery box.

Presumably, fans can look forward to a few more little bits of unseen footage making their way into TV spots as The Force Awakens’ December 18th release date get closer.

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