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The kids are all wild in the trailer for Kindergarten Cop 2

School is back in session in the Kindergarten Cop 2 trailer, which has arrived to pique audiences’ interest in a reprisal of the adventures of a childless man who suddenly finds himself blessed with a dozen or so rugrats. Okay, so that’s not quite what happened to Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kindergarten Cop, let alone to Dolph Lundgren in this straight-to-video remake, but the two giant European men do eventually learn to love or at least tolerate the puny humans, all while enforcing the law.


Kindergarten Cop 2: The Reimagining stars Lundgren as Agent Reed (we hope that’s his first and last name), who must go undercover in a kindergarten classroom to recover a stolen flash drive. (Considering how often “sensitive data” or the heirs to criminal enterprises can be found in kindergartens, you’d think a Kindergarten Cop would be posted at just about every school, but that might just be a private-school thing.) The FBI agent finds himself ill-equipped to deal with children, since he cannot punish them by arresting them. Reed’s also hindered in his data-recovery pursuit by a politically-correct school administrator whose concern is probably warranted, considering Reed lets children pee in the classroom.

Directed by Don Michael Paul and co-starring Bill Bellamy, Kindergarten Cop 2 will be available on DVD and Digital HD on May 18.

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