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The latest trailer for The Shallows is a lesson in self-reliance

The Shallows is really shaping up to be everything you could hope for from a “Blake Lively shark movie.” By that we mean it looks like Die Hard on a rock and with sharks. The latest trailer drills home the idea that Lively won’t just be quaking in fear for the movie’s runtime. Instead, she’ll be taking her survival into her own hands.

Set to dialogue from a 1951 PSA on self-reliance, this third trailer is less ambiguous than the first but more artsy than the second, although the overall message is the same: Blake Lively is going to survive this shark attack no matter what it takes. As Lively’s idyllic surfing vacation turns into a nightmare that sees her trapped on a tiny rock only 200 feet from shore in shark infested waters, the voiceover intones, “Learning to be self-reliant takes time and hard work. These are the steps: Assume responsibility, know where you are going, make your own decisions.” Adding a “Yippee ki-yay, motherfucking sharks!” couldn’t hurt either.

The Shallows surfs into theaters June 29.

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