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The Lego Batman Movie trailer reveals Lego Robin’s sort-of secret origins

Well, it took them a while, but the Lego Batman Movie trailer that played at the movie’s Comic-Con panel earlier today has now found its way online. Reportedly the same trailer that was screened at Cinema-Con earlier this year, it opens with Lego Alfred taking away Lego Batman’s computer privileges, reminding him that he’s got to clean up his act now that he’s got Dick Grayson—a.k.a. the orphan soon to be known as Robin—to take care of. Batman finds the chirpy little twerp really annoying, of course, but once Dick modifies a “Reggae Man” costume into a Robin suit by losing the pants, Batman has no choice but to take him under his Lego Bat-wing. He might even put seat belts in the Batmobile…

Directed by Robot Chicken’s Chris McKay and starring Will Arnett as Batman and Michael Cera as Robin, The Lego Batman Movie premieres in February of 2017.


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