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The Mechanic: Resurrection trailer is peak Statham

To all but the most refined action-movie connoisseurs, Jason Statham’s many films in the genre can seem a bit interchangeable. Obviously, though, they’re really very different: Furious 7 was the one where he was a bad guy, The Transporter was the one where he drove a car a lot, Crank was the one where everything was super crazy, The Expendables was the one with all of the other famous dudes, Spy was the funny one, Parker was the one with Jennifer Lopez, Safe was the one with a little girl, Wild Card was the one where he played a guy named Nick Wild, and The Mechanic was the one where he…killed people or something.

Alright, The Mechanic might not be the most memorable entry in the Statham canon, but this trailer for its sequel is trying pretty hard to redeem the Mechanic name at least. It starts off on a good foot, with Statham killing a guy for having the most dangerous swimming pool of all time, then there’s a whole bunch of Jason Statham doing his Statham thing and Jessica Alba doing her Jessica Alba thing, and then we meet Tommy Lee Jones as a guy with circular glasses, weird facial hair, and a bad attitude. Statham movies have managed to be memorable with less than that.

Mechanic: Resurrection was directed by Dennis Gansel, and it’ll be in theaters this August.

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