A movie like The Mind’s Eye isn’t for everyone, but the ones who it is for will dig the hell out of it. That’s how The A.V. Club felt after catching Joe Begos’ ’80s-throwback horror movie at last year’s Fantastic Fest, where we saw it at a late-night screening full of the kind of weirdos who stand up and cheer when an especially juicy exploding head splatters across the screen. (That’s our kind of weirdos.) We don’t see the true extremes of gore in the film in the initial trailer—which debuted earlier today on Entertainment Weekly—but we do get dapper baddie John Speredakos attempting to channel the telekinetic abilities of “gifted” young people Graham Skipper and Lauren Ashley Carter (who also appeared in this year’s Darling), a plan that, this being a splatter movie and all, goes wrong in all sorts of gloriously gruesome ways. Blink and you’ll miss genre stalwart Larry Fessenden as Skipper’s dad as well.

The Mind’s Eye explodes (get it?) into select theaters, iTunes, and VOD on August 5.